Your online account gives you full access to real-time detailed call logs, the ability to add/delete sub-accounts, change PINs, edit credit card information and much more.Tel3Advantage’s system allows PIN-free dialing as our system recognizes the ANI (caller-id) of up to 10 phone numbers (Instant Access Numbers) you register with us, so you never have to enter a pin to make a long distance call.Use from any phone- home, cell or payphone to get the lowest international rates. International rates start as low as 2.9 cents.All you have to do is dial our access number without having to switch your existing long distance or wireless provider Promo Code: 672929 Phone Number: 800-441-0295
What is TEL3Advantage?
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At TEL3Advantage we believe it's all in the details, so we've packed our calling plan with many special features to get the best out of international calling cards. And make dial-around long distance as convenient and affordable as ever possible.
Pin Free Dialing and Instant Access Numbers
At TEL3Advantage we know how inconvenient it is to have to dial a PIN every time you make a call, for this reason we created Instant Access Numbers.  When you sign up with us, you can register up to 10 phone numbers (home, business, cellular ) as "instant access numbers."  Whenever you make a call from one of these numbers our system recognizes the number with (Caller-ID) technology, so you simply dial the number you wish to call and never have to enter your PIN or account number again. If you call from other number you still can use your Tel3Advantage and your pin will be just your main phone mumber as account number plus easy 4 digits password.
10 phone number Speed Dial
TELAdvantage˘'s market studies have shown that the majority of all phone calls made by any household or business are to a relatively small number of destination numbers.  You can register 99 phone numbers into your account's speed dial list and then print the list out.  This way whenever you call the people you call most you simply enter the 2-digit speed dial number and you're connected.

If you have multiple users in your household or workplace you can create several sub-accounts all under the same plan. This way each individual has the ability to monitor their own account with an individualized PIN from one central account. And you can supervise funds spent and have convinience in accounting them.

Real-time account manager
The TEL3Advantage˘ Customer Account Management is on-line 24/7 so you can check your charges, balances, and account history on-line whenever you want.

Balance/Minutes Remaining -
Every time you make a call with TEL3Advantage our system will tell you your account balance, and how many minutes that translates into for the destination you are going to call.
Smart-Card Re-charge -
We know how irritating it can be to be interrupted in the middle of a call, so whenever your account reaches a balance of $3.00, your account can be automatically recharged. Best of all, if you not want you card to be chrged you can just simply hang up and you will not be billed. You can control amount of recharge through your "Customer Account Login".
Use from any phone and No switching carriers
We allow you to receive these savings from any phone - including your cell phone for the same rates 24/7 Even more convenient, to use TEL3Advantage you don't even need to switch your existing provider.